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FranCes’s Chocolate was born from the professionalism of a young Sicilian Chocolate maker, Francesca Tornello, who, after a few years of study at the best Italian Masters and Chocolate Academies, in 2018, opens her laboratory in the heart of Eastern Sicily.
It all began in 2015, when Francesca attended a chocolate course in the Veneto region for one year. Subsequently, she continued her training in Turin, the Italian city of chocolate par excellence. Finally, she concludes her intense course of study in Sicily, in Modica, a place famous in the world for chocolate created according to the ancient Aztec technique. Here, Francesca learns and refines the complex and fascinating bean to bar technique at one of the most important artisan companies in the city.
"Bean to bar" is a process by which a true chocolatier personalizes his cocoa mass, starting right from the cocoa beans. In her small yet powerful laboratory Francesca creates handmade chocolate bars with the typical Sicilian strong and delicate flavors. More. Francesca's creativity ranges from chocolates, to Sicilian orange peel, covered with chocolate, to chocolate sculptures. All this, thanks to her desire to keep up to date, which leads her to attend courses, periodically, throughout Italy, where to learn new techniques, such as, for example, the course of artistic sculpture in chocolate, held by the master chocolatier and the only Italian to having won the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, Davide Comaschi.
FranCes’s chocolate is a journey to discover the real artisan chocolate, made in Sicily, where tradition, innovation and quality of the ingredients are the key to a unique sensorial and artistic experience.

Mine is a "dirty" job but someone has to do it ...

Born about a year ago, FranCes's chocolate LAB is the right place where you can give your chocolate your mark in a unique, artisanal and imaginative way.
The products are made only from cocoa from the country of origin, cane sugar and natural flavors.

Today this process is called "Bean to Bar": that is the production of chocolate starting from the cocoa fruit; a reality still very rare in Italy, tiring but in great demand.

I decided to undertake it to make my work unique and truly artisanal, so that I can give my chocolate a personal imprint.

I decided to put myself and my professionalism on the line, giving life to an artisan workshop. My small and sacred space where I imagine, create and make everything I believe in chocolate. It is a place outside the box and from any convention of products that are all the same.

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